Thursday, December 30, 2010

365 Blog - 12/30

Sorry - indulge me one last photo (altered) of my family skiing in Mount Sutton, Quebec 2010!

365 Blog - 12/29

I hope all my family will have fond memories of our Christmas 2010. This is Mt. Sutton, Quebec, Canada were we spent 3 days skiing and enjoying the wonderful French Canadian hospitality!              Au revoir mon amis!

365 Blog - 12/28

Meg took a tumble on the mountain - off we went to the Canadian Emergency room. After 4 hour wait, she had a sprained knee and maybe a tear in her ACL.  More to come after we get results from MRI!  Meg was a trooper and very brave.  Had a team of skiers getting her off the mountain.

365 Blog - 12/27

Our second day of skiing was beautiful. It had snowed the previous day and the sun came out. Still, it was a chilly -14 celcius (4 f)

365 Blog - 12/26

Off we drove to Mount Sutton, Quebec!  Here is the sunrise view from our Chalet - 1 km from the mountain.

365 Blog - 12/25

Merry Christmas!  Bud loves "bugging" his brother Jon. He stole Jon's new hat and wore it all day long! Lookin pretty dapper Buddy Boy!

365 Blog - 12/24

Celebrating our Lord's birth in our newly renovated Church was very special on this Christmas Eve, particularly with Mike home from overseas for the holidays.

365 Blog - 12/23

We are missing Dad, but we enjoyed spending the day in NYC. Mike treated us to lunch, dinner and The Jersey Boy's on Broadway!!

365 Blog - 12/22

Jill's smile can light up a room!

365 Blog - 12/21

Tenement Museum in Lower East Side. Very interesting on a cold, winter's day!

365 Blog - 12/20

With Mike home, we all took the day off and went to NYC. Here we are at Rockafeller Center.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

365 Blog - 12/19

My kitchen blackboard.

365 Blog - 12/17

Running on fumes....MIKE IS HOME!!  He rolled into Avon last night at 12:00 midnight!
His happy but tired parents welcomed him home after 10 months!!

365 Blog - 12/15

The unveiling of St. Ann's Church!  What a beautiful new church in which to worship.

365 Blog - 12/14

Our Christmas tree through the window - a welcoming sight for everyone

365 Blog - 12/13/10

Well, it's official!  The college kid is home..... that means loads of dirty laundry as well!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

365 Project - 12/12

This photo was taken from Meg's phone - hence the blur factor. But we like Gracie next to our tree. We will wait for Mike to come from the Middle East and Jill to come home from College before we put the ornaments on. It's a tradition to laugh out loud about all the cute. old ornaments they made which make up the history of our family. It's not going to make Martha Stewarts Magazine, but it's ours!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

365 Project - 12/11

This Gold Leaf Angel was given to me by my Uncle Tom when I was born. She is preparing for her 51st Christmas! It is one of my most special treasures.

365 Project - 12/10

Close-up of one of our Old St. Nick's.

365 Project - 12/9

The New England Patriot's rock - what more is there to say?

365 Project - 12/8

We were thrilled that Meg got accepted into this North Carolina College.

365 Project - 12/7

My Kitchen Christmas Tree!

365 Project - 12/6

This nativity is a combination of my childhood manger (decades old) and some beautiful resin figures representing the Birth of Christ

365 Project - 12/5

I've been collecting The New England Village series for years and it is a tradition to set the snowy town up for all to see.

365 Project - 12/4

I'm a sucker for cute vignettes and this was one on our House Tour.

365 Project - 12/3

Zeus - in all his glory and jazzed for the Holiday Season.

365 Project - 12/2

I kidnapped Bud and we went on a date touring the Mark Twain House and several open houses decorated for the Holidays in West Hartford, Ct. This was a beauty.

365 Project - 12/1

This is a very pretty church right in the town of Simsbury up on a hill. It was the first day of December and it felt like snow.

365 Project - 11/30 day

I have been neglecting my 365 Blog - and I feel very guilty! Walk by my camera and it never seems to be near my computer to upload. Guess that is a sign that I need to SLOW DOWN and chill.